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in the mid 60s. big area of high pressure to the north. to the south of us, weak weather front that came through the area during the overnight and it's that weak front giving us just a few clouds. but sunshine galore back on tap for today. the high, though, 75 degrees instead of 74 that we hit yesterday. another fantastic afternoon. >>> good morning. most of the overnight construction is in the process of being picked up now. actually inner loop and outer loop as you make your way towards the temple. other than that, we're looking pretty clear in our area. take a look at 270. father hurrily boulevard, i'm not seeing any incidents to report at this time. i'll tell be back in ten minutes with another update. >> thank you very much. >>> a woman is in serious condition after being hit by an unmarked d.c. police car. this happened in the 21st block of fifth avenue northwest. it's not known how that accident happened. the block of wisconsin was closed for a few hours, though. >>> the case involving the death of a 2-year-old now in the hands of a jury is accused of throwing her granddaughter ov
planner here for the overnight, more clear skies with us. so it's going to be another cool to chilly overnight. as far as the next couple on of days go, you'll want to enjoy the next four. there's there is rain on the way. danella. >> good morning and happy friday. checking cameras in our area, american legion bridge not seeing any problems. the woodrow wilson bridge, a little volume, but nothing is slowing you down right now at this time of morning. and the soussa bridge, so far, it is clear for you. back to you. >> danella, thanks so much. >>> the longest war in u.s. history is now reaching a new milestone. ten years ago today, american forces began their assault on the taliban in afghanistan. the world's top commander said the u.s. military had a frightenly simplistic understanding of afghanistan and its culture when it invaded. the retirement army general mcchrystal says that's why it's lasted so long. the u.s. is only about halfway to reaching its war goals. >>> in about 30 minutes, the winner of the nobel peace prize will be announced. there is speculation that they may honor t
the country thanks to social media outlets. >>> president obama sends his american jobs act to the u.s. senate this week for a vote. economists say the $447 billion plan could help create millions of jobs. the republicans counter, though, it is merely recycled programs that didn't work the first time. even though the jobs act may pass the senate, it faces almost certain failure in the house. >> time for a first look at the forecast. tom, welcome back. >> good to be back. >>> starting off this columbus day morning, a beautiful day. we've got the full moon in the western sky, and temperatures are cool around the region. we're down in the 50s in most locations. reagan national at 58. it's near 50 in prince george's county, montgomery and arlington, fairfax counties, right into the low 50s now. near 50 around the blue ridge, shenandoah valley. much of the southern maryland, eastern shore, northern neck low and mid-50s. as the day progresses, we'll have some high clouds drifting in. over the last 12 hours, we've seen them coming in from the south. those are advancing as an area of high pressure is
of gallows road. tracee wilkins joins us live with more on this closure. >> reporter: if you're heading northbound on gallows road, you're going to have problems. a sign here showing drivers what they can expect. vdot expected to close the ramp to 495 southbound so workers can remove and replace this old ramp. this is all part of the ongoing hot lanes project. they do have a detour for you. traffic will be directed to travel northbound on gallows road past fairfax hospital, right on arlington boulevard, and follow that sign onto the outer loop. that's going to be your go around all of this. for drivers that follow gallows road, you may be able to expect some delays this morning because folks are going to have to get used to this change. this is what it's going to be like for the next two weeks. >>> a man is behind bars this morning accused of the deadly shooting of a taxi driver. 40-year-old domingo ezirike was found shot to death inside his cab at the corner of anacostia and pond street on saturday morning. police arrested rashad slye. a friend of ezirike tells news 4 he worked for the
was a homicide. >>> a proposed prisoner swap with the u.s. that would involve the release of allan gross from potomac, maryland. gross was charged with bringing illegal equipment into cuba. the cuban prisoner has offer to be traded. rene gonzalez has served most of his sentence for spying and is now calling for the release of one or more prisoners. >>> prosecutors will have to wait until next week to wrap up the case against michael jackson's doctor. they called the leading expert on the anesthetic propofol to the stand before the judge called a recess until monday. yesterday a sleep expert testified that it is inconceivable that murray would use propofol to treat insomnia. the doctor said a use of cocktail drugs, including propofol, was a, quote, recipe for disaster and ultimately caused jackson's death. >> all bets are off. you really can't be still 100% sure that that is not enough to kind of tip them along that sedation continuum and cause a deeper level of sedation and compromise their ability to breathe. >> sources tell nbc news the lawyer for murray will sajak son took eight pills of t
used irs and census data from 1997 to 2007. the report shows america's top 1% nearly tripled, up 275%. the report showed washington, d.c. has the third widest income gap behind atlanta and new orleans. >>> news of a debt deal for greece is apparently causing markets to surge. they convinced banks to accept 50% losses on greek bonds and to expand the bailout fund. wall street futures are up sharply after ending higher yesterday in anticipation of just this kind of a deal. >>> let's get our first check of the forecast and rain throughout the region, top. is it going to be a washout today? >> well, it is. and looking at the radar right now, we have the dreaded moving blobs. >> look at them move and they are blobby. yes, the moving green you see is light rain across northern virginia, the district and into much of maryland. and those areas of yellow and orange raining pretty hard out in west virginia, western maryland, but closer to washington, radar now scanning the sky. just a few sdaterred sprinkles in prince georges, arlington, fairfax. but farther to the north, there's more rain to
on the increase. just high clouds drifting over us for the morning commute. sunrise at 7:34. here's your day planner for this monday as we get back to work and school. we'll have sunshine this morning, but then clouding up during the afternoon. temperatures climbing into the mid-50s by midafternoon. i'll have your spooky halloween forecast coming up in ten minutes. you'd better be ware. do we have anything to beware with the traffic, danella? >> no. your roads are clear, not really seeing any issues. let's head down to virginia and get a live look at i-95. taking on 95 in both directions in virginia, you are clear. as you continue on to 395, not seeing any problems there. here's the view from duke street, all the way to the 14th street bridge, you are absolutely clear this morning. now back to you both. >> danella, thank you. >>> one person is dead and another in critical condition after a bad crash in maryland. this happened around 10:30 last night near the intersection of old alexandria ferry road and malcolm road in clinton. police are still trying to figure out just how the accident occu
admitted he tried to bring down a u.s. jet to get back at americans for killing muslims. umar farouk abdulmutallab was in court yesterday. the bombing failed, but abdulmutallab was badly burned. he faces a mandatory life sentence. >>> after the trial of dr. conrad murray, the prosecutor will call two more witnesses. in a spreesing move, attorneys for murray dropped the claim that michael jackson may have swallowed the fatal dose of propofol. this comes after the defense obtained a study that shows swallowing propoe follow would be ineffective. >> dispensable propofol in someone else's home without the proper medical personnel or equipment was an extreme deviation from the standard of care. >> dr. murray just spent nine hours trying to get him to sleep and now you're telling me he should awake b him? >> awaken him. propo follow is not indicated for sleep. >> it's still not clear if jackson might have injected himself with the anesthesia. >> happening today, president obama will invite china's president to the white house. the select few who will be chosen to attend the event will be t
last week. police have not released any leads in the case so far. >> tom kierein joins us now. it's going to start clouding up a bit more today. >> our wonderful sunny autumn party is over. we'll have rain here within 24 hours. right now off to a dry start. the only thing to look out for are leaves swirling across the street and deer as well. they are darting about. >>> it's a cool morning. we're down into the 50s most locations, even 40s, a few spots in frederick and montgomery counties. it's in the mid-40s in much of western maryland and much of west virginia. in montgomery, arlington, fairf fairfax, prince george's county. most locations mid-50s. upper 50s by the bay. over the last 12 hours, we've had these clouds cruising in along a stalled front. the front that came to us is sort of drifting back north. we've got a lot of cloudiness associated with that. sunrise at 7:20. clouds in and out. peeks of sunshine from time to time throughout the day. highs reaching up around 70 or so, maybe briefly low 70s by midafternoon. we'll have that rain beginning to arrive late tonight. we'l
still be inspired by them, and i think a lot of us are. >> reporter: an inspiration that keeps the occupy wall street protest going strong. >> and this movement has made its way to d.c. although now on a much smaller scale. about two dozen protestors camped out in mcpherson square over the weekend calling their protest occupy d.c. and occupy "k" street. they too are pushing for social change and are concerned about the economy. their ranks could soon grow. according to a social networking site daylife.com, it will move to freedom plaza on thursday and be highly organized there. the site says the movement has the support of 144 different groups and will be pushing a clear set of issues focused on changing economic policy. >>> this weekend was a little taste of winter. it looks like at 46 degrees this morning it's continuing. >> it is continuing. but only for one more day. i'm really loving that. i was the coldest person there bundled up in the blanket. >> but we won. >> absolutely. >>> 48 degrees right now with a calm wind. i like that it's a calm wind because nothing would be l
years. >> reporter: the smart phones using the android system outnumbers the iphone. that's got people, including cnet's molly wood, for new features to un-up android. >> it is due for voigs recognition, and turn to turn navigation. >> reporter: and a more powerful processor, improved camera, and cloud storage content were among other expected upgrades, with a budget version of iphone also a possibility. for the first time in years, it won't be steve jobs making the presentation. it will be new ceo tim cook, who took over in august for the ailing apple cofounder. >> everyone will be watching to see if there are cracks in the armor and what the post-steve jobs era looks like. >> reporter: for now it's expected to look the same. >> if it's 50%, even 25% better than the last one, people are still going to get in line for that thing. >> reporter: which will keep this apple very well polished. >> apple is expected to announce updates to its ipod touch. many tech industry observers expect the days of the click wheel are numbered. >>> ahead, the super act said to be performing at this year's
story she was also a victim. the wound on norwood's hand looked like a cut you get when you use a knife, not a defensive wound. two nurses testify there was no evidence of rape and most of her wounds were superficial. prosecutors entered dozens of photos they say showed the weapons norwood used to beat murray. t >>> a loudoun police officer in custody this morning accused of hiring a hit man to kill her boyfriend and his other girlfriend. she wanted the boyfriend she referred to as her boyfriend's mistress dead. the alleged hit man then alerted the fbi to the fight. she negotiated the price of the murder down from $1,000 to $500 and refused to pay for the potential hit man's airfare. she then asked for a two for one deal and wanted the hit man to kill her boyfriend as well. she was arrested last week and faces up to ten years in prison. >>> also in loudoun county, a former cia contractor is behind bars while authorities investigate whether he sexually assaulted dozen of children. jeffrey lee faces nine counts of child pornography possession. they also found a list of sexual enco
club says it will not use a toxic chemical on its golf course. that's according to "the washington post." earlier this month we reported that neighbors in montgomery county were upset the chevy chase club because they planned to use methylbromide to kill weeds. >>> they'll introduce a counterproposal to the proposed curfew under consideration in montgomery county. the loitering bill targets those who loiter or crowd outside public property. the proposal is losing support. it would require teens 17 or under to be off the street by midnight on weekends and 11:00 p.m. weekdays. the county council is expected to discuss both bills december 13. >>> speed cameras could rake in $500,000 for just one month in prince george's county. that's according to "the washington examiner." the county has mailed 13,000 citations since the start of the program. each carry a $40 fine. the county only gets that money, of course, if violators pay the fine. >>> this morning police are looking for two different groups wanted for a rash of robberies in northwest washington over the past two days. the latest happe
disappeared, cameras captured images of a man using harris' credit card. the last time anyone saw harris, he said he was going to, quote, meet someone outside the rec center. his phone was found on the bridge. >>> a rally this afternoon as union workers get ready for a possible strike. about 12,000 union workers getting ready to strike when their contract expires on sunday. they're asking for fewer staff cuts and more benefits for workers. >>> a sinkhole in northern virginia that opened up early last month is now growing and coming closer to swallowing up several homes. this is what the sinkhole looked like back on september 21st. the patio of one of the houses crumbling there. now 20 days later this patio has completely fallen into the deep hole, 30 feet deep, and is three to four feet from two other homes. geo technical engineers are on the site taking soil and water samples, trying to figure out what to do next. >> to determine if the problem is continuing to evolve, what the composition of the soils are. it's really leading to determine how this can be fixed and even if this can be fixed
will have these cool temperatures with us here throughout the morning. sunrise at 7:21. there's the rainy sky over washington now. we'll have it wet throughout the day. in fact, we could even get some strong thunderstorms later this afternoon. some storms could produce damaging winds and small isolated tornadoes. highs reaching near 70. evening planner in ten minutes. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning. >>> checking the cameras, seeing a lot of rain on the road. driving in, very slick roadways. give yourself extra time. outer loop of the beltway at little river turnpike, an accident on your right shoulder. here's a look at the woodrow wilson bridge. right now not seeing any problems as you make your way across in either direction. circling around to the american legion bridge, clear as well. inner loop and outer loop, not seeing any issues for you this morning. if you're taking i-66 at sully road, very wet. give yourself extra time. there's going to be a lot of congestion today. i don't want you to rush around and get yourself in any potential accidents. i'm back in a f
. >> today will have some changes on the way. jim handly stayed up all night just to be with us. >> that's one change, right? i couldn't sleep. >> great to have you with us. >>> we have a weak cool front that's beginning to approach us. it's not going to be as beautiful as it was over the weekend. it's still going to be a rather mild pattern. over the past 24 hours, these clouds have been on the increase. some sprinkles right now in frederick county, maryland. farther west in allegheny, garrett county, and northern west virginia, a few sprinkles there, they're advancing east. they may make it into the shenandoah valley. and perhaps as far east as loudoun, montgomery county, over the next couple of hours or so. right now around the region, we are on the mild side compared to what we had the last few mornings. we're down into the low to mid-60s in a few years. right now reagan national at 65. low 60s in prince george's, montgomery, arlington, and fairfax counties. for today, we have our sunrise getting later and later. not until 7:19 this morning. by midmorning any of the cloudiness or cha
to the west of us. that's going to be the dominant feature the next couple of days in our weather pattern. northwest wind today. a little breeze out of the northwest. we'll have 61 degrees by 9:00 a.m., and we'll have sunshine by noontime. it's during the late afternoon and evening hours where we could see a few high clouds coming in, just some high clouds around 5:00. we'll hit a high temperature today of 75 degrees. meanwhile, your evening forecast into the 60s. it's going to be a nice evening. a few clouds building into the area. 61 by midnight. danella? >> good morning. >>> traveling 395 north at washington boulevard, still seeing an accident there involving a tractor-trailer blocking your left shoulder lane. it's going to prevent you from getting into the hov lanes in this area. other than that, our area looks pretty good. taking a look at 270, clear in both directions all the way down from clarksburg to the spur. no problems for you. our live look at west montgomery avenue. clear, clear, clear. great sign so far this morning. taking i-66, this is the scene at nutley street. inside a
contested state. vice president biden also used the trip as an opportunity to promote president obama's jobs plan. >>> and mitt romney is gaining support from our area. former maryland governor bob ehrlich will serve as chairman of romney's campaign in that state. that's according to ehrlich's facebook page. ehrlich says, after studying all the candidates, it's clear that romney is the only candidate with the necessary experience to turn around a failing economy. >>> a bill that redraws maryland's congressional district signed into law by governor martin o'malley will face a protest in court. he resigned the bill to change the area in suburbans. republicans say the redistricting is an attempt by democrats to steal one of the seats held by republicans. they appealed to the justice department to investigate whether the redistricting is constitutional. >>> this weekend 4 of the 5 metro lines will see closures or delays so crews can make repairs. on the red line, the rhode island avenue and brookland stations will be closed, but the trains will be running on a normal weekend schedule for the res
afternoon. his father says another parent did. she began to tell us her son was concerned for justin and she explained what happened at that point. >> justin is in sixth grade middle school in loudoun county. a male teacher told him to sit down. >> and i told him, i am sitting. and he picked me up by my waist and throws me and then he pushed me out into the hall and starts yelling at me. >> justin says in the hall, the teerp told him he was being nasty and disrespectful. mr. bryant says he met with school officials on monday and justin returned to class this week after he was told the teacher wasn't due back until thursday. wednesday morning, his lawyer filed for an injunction to keep the teacher out of the classroom. >> i want a safe environment for my child. >> brian's lawyer says the loudoun school board called to say the teacher had been placed on leave and the commonwealth is reviewing video from the gym. >> i wanted to let my son know if someone harmed him, that it was okay to sand up for yourself. >> a spoke person for the schools said this matter was under investig
. >> today the president plans to use his executive powers to try to ease the growing burden of student loan debt. it comes at a time when college tuition is reaching an all-time high. a new report at this morning by the college board shows that the average instate tuition at a public university rose $631 this fall, up more than 8% compared with a year ago. add in room and board, and the average yearly cost out of state tops more than $17,000. the president's executive order will attempt to reduce payments for those already paying off their outstanding school debt, which now is more than $1 trillion nationwide. >> today the front-runner for the gop in decision 2012 will visit northern virginia. massachusetts governor mitt romney will tour the fairfax county republican headquarters today with governor bob mcdonnell and lieutenant governor. mcdonnell says this is not an endorsement of romney, and the governor will not likely take sides until after virginia's legislative elections next month. mcdonnell appeared last month at a luncheon with texas governor rick perry. lieutenant governor is the
%. the dax is down .5%. japan's nikkei is up 2%. and hong kong's hang seng is up 2.5%. right now u.s. futures are done. this comes after european leaders promised to resolve the debt crisis by the end of the month. the dow closed at 11,433. the nasdaq was up more than 86 points, closing at 2566. and the s&p 500 gained 39 points to finish the day at 1194. >> looks like we're starting this day with clouds, right, tom? >> but not any rain yet. it looks like you might have some by the time we head home from work and school but not getting to work and school on this tuesday morning. right now we've got quite a bit of cloudiness. temperatures in the 50s in most locations. reagan national at 63. low to mid-60s away from the waters. it's mid to upper 60s to near 60 eastern shore. quite a cool start. as the day progresses, we'll continue to see these clouds rolling up from the south. right now you see that little patch of green in the bottom of the screen. that is some rain that's just now near the north carolina-virginia border advancing to the north. sunrise at 7:13. that's getting later and later.
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